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Hey, fancy seeing you here!


Let me introduce myself, I'm Belinda Patterson, the creator of Nicobella.


I first started painting at my Nanna's house when I was little. She was an artist for many years, and would set up an easel, choose an old birthday card and help me draw up a grid so I could sit for hours and do my best to replicate it.


Now when I think about it, it was a great way to keep me quiet, still and entertained for hours.


Throughout the years she would invite me to her art shows, we'd paint together at her outdoor classes and would keep showing me different ways to explore painting through her work.

I am forever grateful to Nanna for fostering my love of painting, sharing her skills and encouraging my creativity, which I have taken with me throughout my graphic design career and my life.


Now I am married with two young boys who are seven and three, and I have a feeling they have inherited some of her creative genes too. My seven year old is forever making comic books and my little one, loves a good painting session.

My next journey sees me creating some colourful, bold, original artwork and translating them onto quality prints and cards. 

I am strong believer in sustainability so I ensure my cards are made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper and printed with earth friendly soy based inks, which can be recycled again with less effort and less pollution than your generic inks.

If you would like to keep up to date on my latest work, add your email address below.

x Bel

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